God’s way of saying…Get rid of the clutter!

few days ago our basement flooded with several inches of water.  The culprit, a gorgeous red maple tree whose roots had grown into the drain pipe.  Here are some of the photos from our water logged adventure.

More basement stuff.  This we stored in the car!


Plastic sheets covering basement furniture and schoolwork.


Because of the moisture, several feet of drywall had to be removed.


The living room doing double duty as storage.

The bad news, it will be several weeks before our little home regains it’s Jewel Box® look.  Until then we will be living with ‘stuff’ everywhere.  Nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than a cluttered, messy house!  My husband is at the opposite end of the spectrum, he loves to be surrounded by his ‘things’.  Fishing gear, flashlights (over 30 at last count), Home Depot hardware for future household projects that somehow never happen and stacks of books that are never read.  Secretly, I am relishing the fact that some of his gear is too damaged and has to be thrown out.  And there is another silver lining, our homeowner’s insurance covers everything!  The basement rebuild and all damaged contents.  Laney, your prayers are working again!

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