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God’s way of saying…Get rid of the clutter!

A few days ago our basement flooded with several inches of water.  The culprit, a gorgeous red maple tree whose roots had grown into the drain pipe.  Here are some of the photos from our water logged adventure. More basement stuff.  This we stored in the … Read more here.


Two Small Cottages – One Marriage

I just had to share the article 'With This Cottage' from the New York Times.  These are 'his and hers' bungalows  for a married couple.  The husband, Robert Pardo, bought these two houses so that his now wife, Laura Ann Jacobs, would agree to marry him.  Ms. Jacobs originally declined Mr. … Read more here.


Small Balconies – Tiny Rooms in the Sky

One of my favorite things to do is sit outside in a comfortable chair reading a good book.  When I was first married, we lived in a small apartment on the 24th floor of a nondescript Chicago building.  It was nothing special, just a vanilla box of a place, but the tiny balcony was magical.  … Read more here.

Reader Stories


Do you live in a smaller home? Have you downsized or are you considering downsizing? Have you ever grappled with big house envy? Would you rather have a bigger house with fewer conveniences, or a smaller house with more high-end amenities? Are you raising children in a smaller home? What are your reasons for choosing small home living? … Read More...